Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 4x G-5318H 4x32GB 16x SFF 940-16i 4x1800W 2U Rack Server

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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 4x G-5318H 4x32GB 16x SFF 940-16i 4x1800W 2U Rack Server
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 V2 7Z60 - Server - rack-mountable - 4U - 4-way - 4 x Xeon Gold 5318H / 2.5 GHz - RAM 128 GB - SATA/SAS/PCI Express - hot-swap 2.5" bay(s) - SSD 480 GB - Matrox G200 - no OS - monitor: none

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Here is a summary of the most important information about our article Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 4x Xeon G-5318H 4x32GB 16x SFF 940-16i 4x1800W 2U Rack Server 7Z60A00NEA

The Lenovo ThinkSystem is designed for outstanding value. It combines the speed and reliability you need today with the scalability and versatility you'll need tomorrow. When expansion is unstoppable, data centers need to respond quickly. However, if such a response is outside your budget constraints, system capabilities are essentially meaningless. If you're locked into an inflexible proprietary ecosystem where growth comes at an extremely high cost, you could be faced with a difficult choice between progress and budget. ThinkSystem SR860 is designed to offer cost-effective scalability on an industry-standard x86 platform. Customizability The flexible design of the ThinkSystem SR860 offers considerable configuration flexibility. It can scale from two to four powerful CPUs of the second-generation Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable product family using a customer-installable mezzanine tray that enables quick and easy "pay-as-you-grow" upgrades for processors and memory - improving its performance by a total of 36% compared to the first generation.* The SR860 is designed to support a wide range of workloads, from enterprise consolidation to database visualization, data analytics, and science/engineering. In addition, the SR860 supports a wide range of ultra-fast memory, archive, and adapter slots, as well as multiple NIC form factors and even dual GPUs. Flexibility for different workloads Many types of workloads can benefit from GPU-accelerated computing. With thousands of processor cores and parallel architecture, GPUs are ideal for compute-intensive applications, for example, machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, 3D modeling, and other applications that required supercomputers in the past. However, many servers that offer GPUs are quite a bit more expensive than the SR860. Servers with similar price tags, however, usually don't offer GPUs at all. In today's data-critical world, additional storage that is both powerful and flexible is necessary. The SR860 allows tremendous flexibility in storage choices to meet these workload requirements: Lenovo AnyBay accommodates SAS, SATA and NVMe storage devices in the same bays. So there's no need for exclusive bays for HDDs/SSDs or U.2 NVMe drives. AnyBay allows you to put together what you need. Four direct motherboard connections for U.2 NVMe storage enable ultra-fast read/write and reduce costs by eliminating PCIe switch adapters and bypassing the SAS bus. (Four additional NVMe drives can be used via a circuit card). In addition, storage can be tiered within the system to achieve faster application performance for the most cost-effective solution. The speed of NVMe drives makes them ideal for I/O-intensive applications that require high IOPs throughput and low latency, such as Big Data, OLTP and HPC. NVMe can extend tight compliance frameworks for backup and replication and improve VM density. One or two (mirrored) M.2 drives enable faster OS boot-up, which is faster and more secure than USB keys or SD cards to free up drive bays for data storage. These are just a few of the integrated technologies that contribute to the exceptional performance, scalability, and outstanding value required for enterprise-class workloads now and in the future. Trusted Reliability Because your business needs to be able to rely on your systems, you need servers that are built for reliability. The ThinkSystem SR860 delivers reliability at multiple levels, from the processors on up, so you can trust that you're running your workloads on a platform designed to perform end-to-end. Lenovo servers are so robust that they continue to be rated the most reliable in the industry? . Enterprise-class CPU RAS (reliability, availability, and serviceability) capabilities. Predictive Failure Analysis-identifies a failing component before failure to schedule part replacement instead of reacting after failure, and shorten or avoid downtime. PFA alarms are available for all major components, including CPUs, DIMMs, adapter slots, fans, power supplies, memory devices and voltage regulators. Light Path Diagnostics-Integrated LEDs to immediately identify components that need replacement (based on PFA alerts) for faster serviceability and reduced downtime. TPM 2.0-secures and authenticates the system to prevent unauthorized access With reliability and security built into the system, the SR860 leverages industry-standard technologies to provide an economical, reliable platform for the most demanding users and applications. Workload-optimized support Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory offers a new, flexible storage beast that is precisely tailored to data workloads, providing an unparalleled combination of high capacity, affordability and persistence. This technology will have important implications for real-world data center operations: Reduction of restart times from minutes to seconds, 1.2x virtual machine density, dramatically improved data replication with 14x lower latency and 14x higher IOPS, and better security for persistent data embedded in hardware.* Server deployment, management and security Lenovo XClarity Controller is a management engine embedded in all ThinkSystem servers designed to standardize, simplify and automate server management tasks. Lenovo XClarity Administrator is a virtualized application that centrally manages ThinkSystem servers, storage and networks, which can reduce provisioning time by up to 95 percent compared to manual operation. XClarity Integrator helps you streamline IT management, accelerate deployment and save costs by seamlessly integrating XClarity into an existing IT environment. ThinkShield is a comprehensive approach to security designed to protect the data center-from the foundation of your infrastructure to the perimeter of the network-and keep you safe from security breaches. ThinkShield protects your business with every offering, from development to disposal.

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