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The term All-IP refers to the conversion of the telephone network. The previous analogue or ISDN technology is replaced by "IP-based connections" - a common communication protocol for voice, data and video becomes the new standard.

Secure All-IP Migration
Regardless of the size of your network infrastructure, switching to IP-based connections has an impact on existing PBXs. The complexity of the network infrastructure is greatly reduced and your installations simplified. The uniform display and transmission of all types of information via a common communication protocol (All-IP) now enables an infrastructure without mixed environments. Away from analog telephone lines and ISDN to a single voice and data network.

Migration from ISDN to All-IP made easy
LANCOM's All-IP and VoIP routers enable existing ISDN and analog components to continue operating after All-IP conversion without any problems. Telekom's All-IP conversion is therefore no longer a challenge and is very easy to handle. Regardless of your current network infrastructure, we offer you a variety of All-IP solutions that you can easily implement with LANCOM (VoIP) routers and the LANCOM All-IP Option extension - without having to replace existing telephony components. Nothing stands in the way of your All-IP branch!

If you do not know exactly which system is suitable for your personal needs, you can always contact us via chat, e-mail or telephone. Our expert team will be happy to assist you with words and deeds.

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