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The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1330 M3 is a highly expandable and robust mono-socket server designed for Small and Medium Enterprise requirements. It also features the latest in processing and memory for classic infrastructure workloads such as file, print, web or collaborative ones such as email, as well as business specific applications. This mono-socket tower system can be equipped with the Intel® Xeon ® E3-1200 v6 product family processors and up to 64 GB DDR4 memory, which improve application performance. The server is designed for high levels of secure expandability with up to 24x 2.5-inch hot-plug drives (3.5-inch drive configurations are also available), advanced RAID controllers (1/2GB cache and more advanced units on the roadmap) and data back-up options, making it ideal for consolidating and managing large datasets. Up to 4 PCIe slots are available for additional growth requirements. Operator concerns are eased with high availability features such as the optional Fujitsu Battery Backup Unit, highefficiency (94%) redundant power supplies and redundant fans. The compact server housing with an aesthetic design also makes it suitable for deployment in public areas such as showrooms, retail premises or offices. Furthermore, advanced server management is enabled via the iRMC S4 which enables remote management capabilities and the Fujitsu ServerView® Suite which provides administrators comprehensive support during server installation, deployment and administration.


Powerful Performance combined with high expandability

  • Business computing needs are met with the Intel® Xeon ® E3-1200 v6 product family processors, and up to 64GB DDR4 memory (4 DIMMs). Affordable Core™ i3 and Pentium® processors are also available.
  • Server is designed for substantial, reliable storage expandability. It supports up to 12x3.5-inch drives (120 TB max.) or up to 24x2.5- inch drives (48TB max.) and Fujitsu?s powerful RAID controllers (including SAS 3.0, 1/2 GB cache with more advanced units on the roadmap). Backup options include LTO and RDX. Security optimization includes TPM 2.0 support plus Fujitsu?s secure 3-way lock for server access.
  • Redundant (2x1GbE) LAN as standard plus additional advanced connectivity options available.
  • Future ready with 4x PCIe Gen3 slots.

Reliability features tailored to protect your business investment

  • High efficiency 450W power supplies (94% efficiency) are available with both hot-plug capability and redundancy.
  • Fujitsu Battery Backup Unit an optional Internal UPS in modular PSU form-factor, 5 years lifetime, fully integrated.

Full server management features and easy accessibility

  • Comprehensive software management suite available with the iRMC S4 and the FUJITSU ServerView Suite.
  • Screw-less chassis with hot-plug 2.5-inch drives, hot-plug PSUs and ""Easy Rails"" for 3.5-inch storage disks.


  • The server compute and memory can be optimized per the workload requirement. Xeon ® E3-1200 v6 product family processors offer higher quad-core performance for more demanding compute needs. The workloads can range from classic infrastructure ones such as file, print, collaborative ones such as email to more demanding business specific applications.
  • Ideal for customers who are looking for a secure, cost-effective server to consolidate and manage large datasets, or a system which features high-capacity secure local storage, combined with growth potential.
  • Reliable data connectivity out of the box. Networking options (for example: 2x10GbE capability networking cards) offer data transfer headroom above and beyond the standard, redundant 2x1Gb Ethernet capability.
  • The server grows in synch with your business. Upgrade the server with a Graphics card, or Fujitsu RAID controllers for reliable data storage and management (high grade SAS 3.0 with up to 1/2 GB cache, more advanced units on the roadmap) or networking cards (including 10GbE options) for seamless data transmission.
  • Good for the environment, and your business - the high efficiency, redundant power supplies offer enhanced reliability and lower energy expenditure.
  • The Battery Backup Unit protects your valuable investment by supporting safe power down and conflict free power up in case of power loss.

Fujitsu now at Serverhero
Fujitsu now at Serverhero


Fujitsu now at Serverhero


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