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Reliable, fast WLAN always and everywhere
Indoor access points offer wireless networking of devices via WLAN. The transmission rates of the access points depend on the supported WLAN standard. With IEEE 802.11ac, data rates of up to 1300 MBit/s can be achieved. Dual Radio Access Points can operate in parallel in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, enabling fast, high-bandwidth radio connections for a large number of users. For use in harsh environments or public areas, LANCOM also offers access points with metal housings including anti-theft protection. Security functions such as IEEE 802.11i (WPA2) and IEEE /802.1X are also supported by LANCOM indoor access points. LANCOM Indoor Access Points can be operated independently or via WLAN controllers.

More WLAN performance and more efficient troubleshooting
Especially in environments with a large number of clients and access points, radio field optimization is often required. With Band Steering, you can automatically control the WLAN clients to the preferred frequency band to achieve higher data throughput. Spectral Scan is a convenient tool for radio field analysis. The utilization of the individual WLAN channels is displayed graphically - for efficient WLAN troubleshooting.

Efficient configuration of WLAN infrastructures
Even access points in remote networks can be administered by a central controller. The practical significance becomes clear when rolling out a new WLAN infrastructure: The new access points only have to be connected via a network with existing IP access. Configuration takes place centrally via the controller. This makes it possible to install or extend the WLAN on site without specially trained technicians.

Cost-effective WLAN management with LANCOM routers
Use your LANCOM router to manage an existing WLAN infrastructure with the LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Routers. Up to 6 LANCOM access points or WLAN routers that can be accessed locally or in remote branch offices or home offices can be managed via a LANCOM router with the LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Routers. This provides a cost-effective alternative to a separate WLAN controller.

Public Spot - the simple complete hotspot solution
Wireless LAN has made it easier than ever to provide your guests, customers and partners with fast Internet access. WLAN hotspot solutions are quickly installed and allow guests to access the Internet with their own laptop, tablet or smartphone. In the hotel, for example, guest rooms or only selected areas such as the lobby, the restaurant or the conference room can be provided with convenient guest access. With the help of the integrated Smart Ticket function, the client receives the access data for the hotspot conveniently and automatically by SMS or e-mail. It is also possible to print out a voucher. The LANCOM PMS Accounting+ option is recommended as the central accounting system for guest access. All hotspot accesses are automatically booked and billed via the central PMS server on which the hotel billing system is installed. Alternatively, free guest access to hotels can be easily set up - as required. Thanks to network virtualisation (VLAN) or via layer 3 data tunnels, the operational network can be separated from the guest network via the same network infrastructure. The absolutely secure subdivision into logical networks prevents unauthorized access to internal data.

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