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QNAP Desktop and Rack Devices

At Serverhero you will find TOP servers from QNAP, which you can freely configure and order according to your needs. QNAP offers NAS server solutions either as a rack or desktop device and all this can be easily assembled at Serverhero.

QNAP Switches

We also offer powerful QNAP switches that include 10GbE and NBASE-T technologies, enabling high data transfer even under heavy load.

At Serverhero you can configure and buy QNAP desktop/rack systems simply, quickly, conveniently, inexpensively.

QNAP Desktop/Rack Servers are the easiest to set up and manage alternative to other vendors thanks to a long list of features designed for user experience and functionality.

You want desktop/rack systems that are equipped with in-house features and an easy-to-use interface? then QNAP is the place for you. QNAP's operating system "QTS", which QNAP calls "the most intelligent and intuitive NAS operating system", offers you exactly what you need to set up and manage a fully functional system in just a few steps.