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Qnap 19" Rackmount

Buy QNAP Rackserver at Serverhero


With Serverhero you can easily, quickly and conveniently Configure and Buy QNAP Rack Systems.

QNAP Rack Servers offer a long list of features that facilitate the integration, configuration and operation of QNAP Rack Servers.
Rack Systems from QNAP include their own operating system "QTS", which QNAP calls "the most intelligent and intuitive NAS operating system". QTS includes a clear interface which makes the administration of the NAS system a piece of cake.

Among other advantages, various Rack systems provide many features such as:
  • Storage device for comprehensive virtualization applications
  • Integrated Virtualization and Container Solutions
  • Optimized collaboration with cross-platform file sharing and synchronization
  • Healthy backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Comprehensive security to protect your data
  • Secure access with VPN and proxy server
  • High-speed data storage and search to double your productivity
  • Central E-Mail and contact management for improved communication processes
  • Extensive monitoring solution offers security around the clock
  • Completely new QVR Pro monitoring solution
  • SSD caching and auto-tiering enable optimized storage efficiency

  • Please keep in mind that the list of features may vary depending on the model.
For further questions about your requested system or your Configuration in Onlineshop, please contact our Expert team ,whether by chat, phone or E-Mail, Serverhero will support you.