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Looking for a secure network environment that is easy to set up, expand and manage? Then Starwind is the right choice for you! As a network and virtualization expert, StarWind offers you the following products: StarWind Virtual SAN, StarWind Virtual Tape Library and the Starwind Cloud Virtual Tape Library (Vtl).

StarWind Virtual SAN
Additionally we offer the Virtual SAN where StarWind promises a simple, cost-efficient and high-performance virtualization solution with easy implementation and a high functional range.

The StarWind Virtual SAN is available in the following editions: "Standard", "Professional", "Enterprise" and "Datacenter".

For more information about the StarWind Virtual SAN please click here.
StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

StarWind is promising: With StarWind VTL, companies can eliminate their expensive tape backup processes while fulfilling regulatory data archiving and retention requirements by using local virtual tape libraries with cloud and object storage layers. Protect your backup data from Ransomware by storing it on Ransomware-resistant virtual tapes. Replicate and arrange your backups in AWS, Azure or another public cloud to maximize storage cost efficiency and security. Finally, you can use any industry-standard object storage array to freely scale local storage.
For more information about the StarWind Virtual Tape Library please click here.

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